Terms and Conditions

1Forum and general user behavior
1.1. You must be respectful towards other users at all times. Failing to do so may lead to the revocation of your Forum privileges.
1.2. Any form and / or attempt of intimidation, abuse, threat or disrespect against Cordbux and / or Cordbux staff / assistants, here or elsewhere will be seen as disrespectful and may lead to the revocation of your Forum privileges, as well as the permanent suspension of your account or the loss of other benefits.
1.3. Topics or messages that may directly or indirectly be prejudicial towards Cordbux, its users, sponsors or service providers are strictly prohibited.
1.4. All kinds of publicity, attempts to get referrals, money offers / exchange / requests and the offer or request of services are prohibited in Forum posts / topics. Spamming the Forum with nonsensical posts / messages, duplicated topics, illegal content, sharing email addresses, social website links and instant messenger IDs is also prohibited.
2 User account
2.1. Your login password must be kept private and confidential at all times. We provide additional security features to help safeguard your account and it is recommended that you use them to protect it.
2.2. You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the permanent suspension of all accounts involved. This also applies to your payment processor account(s), which must be unique and cannot be shared with another user.
2.3. Your account needs to have a unique username and email address.
2.4. Accounts are not transferable.
2.5. Cordbux will not modify user account information upon user request. For security reasons, only users can modify the data in their own accounts directly in their personal settings page.
2.6. Users using false information when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account permanently suspended.
2.7. A computer must only be used by a single user account to view advertisements. If multiple accounts are used for the purpose of viewing advertisements on a single computer, all accounts involved will be permanently suspended.
2..8 You must not automatically redirect any page to Cordbux or include the Cordbux site inside any other site, visible or not.
2.9. Any attempt to manually or automatically reload / view pages intensively will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.
2.10. All currency values shown in your account including purchases and withdrawals are in United States dollars (USD).
3 Anti-cheat policy
3.1. Any attempt to hack into the system in any way will be logged.
3.2. When you request a payout, our monitoring system will analyze all your previous actions and act accordingly. Monitoring will be constant, to ensure our systems' stability and our users' account safety.
4 Payments to users
4.1. All payments will be made via Wise, Perfect Money, AirTM Just for Verified account , Payeer ,UK Bank Accounts. No other method of payment is available at this time.
4.2. All Payments, except free members , will be sent and delivered by the selected payment processor instantly. Payments for free members can take up to 2-7 days after request 
4.3. The minimum amount paid is $0.25 for Premium members. For free members minimum  first payout is $1.00 and rest $2.00. From the amount paid, a fee may be deducted depending on the payment processor you use. If applicable, this fee will be shown to you as an amount deduction before confirming the payment request. Certain payment methods may require a different minimum amount and will be signaled accordingly. 
4.4. Users are responsible for selecting their desired payment method and the payment information they provide. Each payment will be processed based on the payment information provided by the user. In the event of a payment failure and / or cancellation, all applicable fees will be paid by the user.
4.5. After requesting a payment, the user must wait for 7 days before requesting another. This limit is lower in certain Premium Members.
4.6. User can request casthout to same payment procesor from whitch one was maked deposits


5 Payments to Cordbux
5.1. All payments are to be made using the links and / or buttons available at "your account". No other method of payment will be accepted.
5.2. All purchases and related payments concern digital content rendered at the time of purchase. Should you face any issue with any of your purchases, you can contact our support team by submitting a support ticket.
5.3. Any fraud and / or fraudulent attempt related to payments can lead to the permanent suspension of your account.